Yoyo Mak Khen Wild Pepper


25g bag of Mak Khen Wild Pepper. Fair Trade 100% Zanthoxylum rhetsa

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25g bag of Fair Trade Mak Khen.  Also known as wild pepper or prickly ash, Mak Khen has long been used as a traditional herb with medicinal properties. Lao mountain people, the Akha, Hmong and other tribal groups also use it as a spice in various foods.

Mak Khen has similarities to Szechuan pepper, It brings a light numbness sensation in the mouth and is best used ground providing distinctive citrus or mandarin tones and slight aniseed flavour. Perfect with asian vegetables, grinding onto fish or adding to any dish which needs a citrus lift and even combines well with chocolate to bring new flavour experiences.


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Yoyo Mak Khen


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